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The Core Values We Live By

There are several core work values that shape us, but we swear by three main values. We prioritize achieving outstanding results, being genuine and ethical, and maintaining adaptability like a ninja.

Results That Rock

Our mission is clear: results that pack a punch. Your success is our top priority, We pour our energy into achieving outcomes that make a difference and leaving you grinning with satisfaction.

Genuine and Honest

If you like open and transparent communication based on trust and respect, you will like working with us. Honesty and transparency are the name of the game, so you'll always know what's working and what’s not.

Never Stop Learning

The SEO world never sleeps, and neither do we. We're always on the prowl, staying updated with the latest SEO news. Our team is armed with the freshest and practical knowledge to rock your SEO game.

How We Boost Your SEO:

Our Values:

At our core, clients’ success is our fuel! We’re in the SEO game with style and substance! Forget about those agencies with their cheap cookie-cutter tactics because that’s just not our vibe. We’re keeping it practical and ethical, and we thrive on making your biz shine.

Our Tools:

Ahrefs and Google Search Console are our trusty tools. With these bad boys, we analyze your website’s performance, spot keyword opportunities, analyze competitors, optimize your online presence, climb those rankings like a boss, outrank the competition and attract new leads.

Our Teams:

We’re not a bunch of SEO nerds who are in it for the numbers; we’re in it to see clients achieve sweet results in SERP. That’s the source of our pride, knowing that our efforts have contributed to your growth and achievements. And who in their right mind would let their pride be damned?

Our Story

Back in their university days, Fonthip and Mam were tight buddies, geeking out over medical technology. But life had other plans when they stumbled upon the world of digital marketing around 2013, but they didn’t jump right into the spotlight. Instead, they started working behind the scenes, delivering their top-notch services offshore to Aussie marketing agencies.

With genuine excitement for this industry, they later kick-started their own agency. Of course, the road was bumpy, with challenges popping up left and right. But they took it all in stride, learning as they went, and later boom! “Search Studio” was born.

Get To Know Our Team

SEO Strategist
SEO Strategist
Paid Ads Specialist
SEO Outreach Specialist
SEO Specialist
Outreach Specialist
SEO Specialist
SEO Specialist
SEO Content Specialist
High tolerance to caffeine ☕️

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Client Testimonials

Joe McCord
Joe McCord
Head of Growth at Pinch Payments
“In just a few months, Fonthip and her team at Search Studio have transformed our online performance. They have significantly improved our website’s SEO, resulting in a massive increase in leads and conversions. Search Studio has proven to be one of the invaluable partners for our SEO journey. Their expertise and knowledge have truly impressed us.”
Ryan Spencer
General Manager at Astro Asia
“Search Studio and our project manager were able to double our organic site traffic within six months of launching our campaign, and were excellent at implementing effective SEO strategies for our business.”
Sean Callaghan
Sean Callaghan
Founder at RetreatZ
“As a new business, we didn’t expect to see results from SEO so quickly. But with Fonthip and her team at Search Studio, our brand-new website ranked higher on search engines within weeks. Their unique approach and swift implementation are the game-changer for any new website looking to make an immediate impact.”
Diederik de Gee
Diederik de Gee
Managing Director at VPS HiSpeed
“Search Studio has been doing SEO for us for more than six years already. With Search Studio’s SEO expertise, we have dramatically improved our position in the market. They are doing a great job. Best SEO company! Very happy to work with them. Professional, friendly, helpful.”
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