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Exclusive SEO Referral Program

Spread the word, reap the rewards! Ready to earn up to 10% commission for your referrals.

Why Become a Search Studio Referral Partner?

Boost Your Income with Ease!

Looking to add some extra income effortlessly? Why not join our SEO Referral Partner Program? It’s your ticket to a brand new revenue stream without any hassle. When you send your clients our way, you’re not just expanding your network, you’re also giving your bank account a friendly nudge.

Any Number of Referral, Still Zero Work

SEO might seem like a maze, but don’t worry! When you refer a client to Search Studio, you’re handing over their SEO needs to our friendly team of experts with a track record that speaks for itself. You can keep doing what you do best while we take care of the hard part of SEO. It’s a win-win for everyone.

No SEO Know-How, No Problem

Don’t feel held back by a lack of technical SEO knowledge. Our friendly team of seasoned SEO professionals is here to help. We’ll be there to guide your referrals through the SEO journey, making sure they succeed at every step of the way.

Free SEO Chat and Ongoing Support

Your referrals receive a valuable gift from us—a free SEO consultation. We believe in setting them up for success from the get-go. And our ongoing support means your referrals won’t just be satisfied; they’ll be thriving in the ever-evolving digital world.

Thanks for interested in this program. Rest assured that we deliver everything we promise and more!

Choose your preferred reward options

When you refer your referrals clients to our team of SEO enthusiasts, you're not just connecting them to greater SEO success – you're also opening the door to fantastic benefits for yourself. Here, we've laid out your rewarding options to make your effort an even more delightful experience!

Opt for 10% Ongoing Commission For Life Of Client:

By selecting this option, you secure a recurring monthly income stream. As long as your referral remains our client, you will continue to earn it every month. It's a smart and hassle-free way to build extra income while helping your network connect with our exceptional services.

Ongoing Incentives

Stay Connected

Grow Your Income

Opt for FREE SEO Services Instead of Cash:

If you own a website or business, consider giving your website an enhancement through this appealing alternative. Instead of receiving cash, you'll get an equivalent amount in the form of credits for SEO services. This choice contributes to the long-term success of your business on the SEO path.

High-Profile Links

Optimized Pages

Higher Rankings

Who is it for?


Web Designers and Developers Folks

If you're the creators of awesome websites, why stop at looks? Take it a step further by referring your clients to our SEO referral program. Not only will you show you care about their online success, but you'll also earn rewarding benefits.


Digital Marketing Freelancers

Many freelancers and bloggers can expand themselves potential just by partnering with us. As a freelancer, you constantly meet new people and clients who come and go. Why not leverage your extensive network and refer them to our services, effortlessly earning extra income in the process?

Let's join hands
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Feel free to initiate contact with us via email, including your referred clients in the CC line. Provide name and the websites of your referrals. We love getting to know you!

Spread the word and we’ll make it worth your while.

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What is an SEO referral program?

Our SEO referral program rewards you for introducing clients to our SEO services. Earn commissions or free services when your referrals become our clients. These incentives include cash rewards, free services, free SEO audits, or other valuable perks.

But the two main options here are (1) 10% recurring commission and (2) FREE SEO services in the equivalent amount.

How does your referral program work?

It's easy! You introduce us to potential clients via email, and we handle the rest—from initial consultations to meticulous project execution. Our team of experienced SEO professionals will work closely with the referred client to understand their unique needs and objectives, tailoring a comprehensive SEO strategy for them. As a valued member of our referral program, your role is simple yet rewarding. You'll be paid a 10% commission when the referred client successfully completes their project and pays their invoice, ensuring that your efforts are not just appreciated but also compensated fairly.

What can your referral expect?

Referrals can expect exceptional SEO services designed to improve their online presence and drive results. Our team of experts is always up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms and best practices. We've got a bag of practical tactics that are incorporated in keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, content creation, and analytics and reporting. We tailor our approach to your unique needs and goals, continuously tweaking and fine-tuning to get the best possible results. Our goal is to make you shine in the search engine land.

Do you need to be involved in the client's campaign?

No, essentially, your role concludes once you've made the referral. We assume full responsibility from that point forward, freeing you to concentrate on your core business activities. However, you are always welcome to check in on our progress and stay updated on how both we and the clients are doing from time to time. Your continued interest and support are greatly appreciated.

When will you get paid?

You will receive your commission once the referred client pays their invoice, and this commission will be an ongoing reward for as long as they remain in service with us. In the event that the client terminates their service, the commission plan associated with that referral will also be discontinued. However, please remember that you are always welcome to refer new clients at any time, and the referral program will continue to reward your ongoing support.

How will you get paid?

We provide flexible payment options to facilitate a seamless transaction process, which can be accomplished through wire transfer or PayPal. Additionally, we are open to using other platforms like Wise or Payoneer, but we kindly request that you first discuss the specific details with our team to ensure a smooth payment process.

How often do you pay commission?

When referred clients choose to purchase our SEO services, we establish a system for making regular monthly commission payments, ensuring the prompt receipt of your earnings. Additionally, for other one-time services, you will also receive a 10% commission based on the one-time payment. We strongly encourage you to promote monthly managed SEO contracts to your clients or referrals, as this allows you to continue earning on an ongoing basis.

What services are included with the digital marketing referral program?

Our comprehensive digital marketing services encompass a broad spectrum of needs, guaranteeing that your referrals discover the solutions they require. Our primary core services include Managed SEO, Onpage SEO, Technical SEO, Link Building, and White Label SEO (for Agencies).

Managed SEO: We handle everything to improve your website's search ranking.
Onpage SEO: Optimization for individual web pages to boost search performance.
Technical SEO: Enhance your website's technical aspects for better search visibility.
Link Building: Acquire quality backlinks to boost search rankings and authority.
White Label SEO (for Agencies): Offer SEO services under your brand, powered by our expertise.

Is there a particular service I should recommend?

Every referral matters greatly to us. We adapt our services to suit each client's specific needs. To keep your commissions flowing consistently, we urge you to promote monthly managed SEO contracts to your clients or referrals. This way, you can keep earning over time. If your clients prefer short-term goals, consider referring more clients for Onpage SEO (for Website Setup) and Link Building services.

Is there an earnings cap on your digital marketing referral program?

No earnings cap here. The more referrals you send our way, the greater your opportunity to earn!

Why are people confident to refer Search Studio to SEO clients?

We've built a reputation for excellence through our expertise and dedication to client success. With over 10 years of experience as an ethical SEO agency, we specialize in solving all your SEO headaches. We know the pain and struggles of trying to navigate the competitive online world. We understand the frustration of setting online goals and struggling to achieve them. That’s why we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Our team is armed with the expertise and know-how to help your business thrive in the cutthroat online search game.

Reach out to us today, and let us dive into your unique circumstances. We’ll craft a solution tailored to your referred clients specific pain points and put you on the path to success.

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