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Drive traffic and conversions with our SEO services that will put at the front of Bangkok's digital landscape.

Do You Recognise These Pain Points ?

Feeling disheartened about my Bangkok-based website not climbing the ranks.

Generating low revenue from organic traffic can be disheartening, especially in Bangkok’s thriving economy. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of optimizing for Bangkok’s digital market. By leveraging our expertise, your website can start generating the revenue it truly deserves from organic traffic.

Facing challenges in driving targeted traffic from Bangkok to my website.

Are you grappling with the daunting task of attracting your ideal customers from the bustling digital landscape of Bangkok to your website? We can help you overcome these challenges and turn your web visitors into loyal customers.

Finding yourself drowning in a sea of high-priced SEO agencies in Bangkok?

It’s no secret that navigating the world of SEO services can be costly. We’re here to shed light on how affordable and reasonable options can not only rescue your budget but also elevate your online presence in Bangkok’s digital landscape.

Getting a real headache with link-building

Finding quality link prospects can be time-consuming. With over a decade of experience, our link-building approach is all about nurturing solid relationships with editors in the Bangkok area. This means seamless collaboration and quick results, saving you both time and headaches.

"Experience high-quality and hassle-free SEO services for Bangkok businesses."

Forget the hassle of handling SEO on your own!

When you entrust your SEO work to our team of experts, you'll save precious time, reduce costs, and boost your online presence within your target customers in Bangkok.

Data-Driven SEO for Businesses Operating in Bangkok

Our approach is data-driven, backed by analytics and insights. We use this data to boost your rankings, drive more quality traffic to your site, and convert those visitors into loyal customers. It's like having a crystal ball for SEO success for running a business in Bangkok!

High-Quality Links

Optimized Pages

Higher Rankings

High-Quality SEO Tailored to Your Unique Needs

Every business based on Bangkok is unique and has its specific SEO requirements. That's why we offer a range of SEO service packages tailored to different business needs. Rest assured, we're dedicated to delivering the best value for your investment.

Traffic Growth



Who is it for?


Businesses of All Sizes in Bangkok

Calling all businesses! With our all-inclusive SEO solutions, you can save time, reduce costs, and achieve your goals. Our unwavering commitment to ethical work and delivering remarkable results will help you level up and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve in Bangkok's digital landscape.


Bangkok-based Agencies Seeking White Label Partnerships

Agencies, listen up! Focus on your strengths while we handle top-tier SEO services. You'll not only save time and money but also impress your clients with our exceptional services. It's a win-win situation for agencies looking to thrive in Bangkok's competitive digital arena.

Why Use Our Bangkok SEO Services

Experience the power of keyword mastery. Our team, armed with advanced tools, will uncover relevant keywords that truly matter for your Bangkok-based business.

Ready to elevate your
Google presence in the Bangkok market?

Unlock your potential with our SEO approach tailored for Bangkok-based websites.

Choose Your Plan

Tailor your Bangkok SEO strategy to your needs with our flexible and affordable plans featured below.
Service Name
Price (THB)
Service Name
Number of keyphrases optimized
Keyword Research & Mapping
Pages Optimized
Title Tags & Meta descriptions
Backlink Creation
Backlink Profile Analysis

Content Strategy
Blog Content Creation​
Image Optimization
Internal Linking
Header Optimization

Technical SEO (hours)
Technical Website Audit
Robots.txt Optimization
XML Sitemap Submission
Canonicalization Analysis
Schema Implementation
301 & 404 Errors

Google Business Profile Optimization
Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager
Google Search Console
Monthly SEO Reporting
SmallBiz Basic
฿ 35,000 / M
SmallBiz Basic
Up to 30
Up to 15 pages
2-4 Backlinks
Content Strategy Audit
1 Monthly Blog Post​
Business Boost
฿ 50,000 / M
Business Boost
Up to 50
Up to 25 pages
3-5 Backlinks
Content Strategy Audit
Up to 2 Blog Posts​
Rapid Success
฿ 75,000 / M
Rapid Success
Up to 100
Up to 35 pages
5-7 Backlinks
Content Strategy Audit
Up to 3 Blog Posts​
Enterprise Edge
฿ 75,000 / M
Enterprise Edge
Up to 200
Up to 50 pages
7-12 Backlinks
Content Strategy Audit
Up to 3 Blog Posts​
Min ฿100,000
Content Strategy Audit
Let’s Talk About FAQ

What are SEO services in Bangkok?

Managed SEO service means that we will comprehensively manage the SEO campaigns of our customers from every perspective. Whether it's Keyword Research, Onpage SEO, Offpage SEO (Link Building), Technical SEO (Link Building), or SEO content creation, we've got it covered.

SEO services in Bangkok are like having your own SEO dream team right by your Bangkok businesses. When you opt for an outstanding SEO agency, they take charge of all the nitty-gritty aspects of optimizing your website specifically for the Bangkok market. From unearthing the perfect Bangkok-related keywords to revamping your content and building those valuable local links, they've got it covered. Their ultimate goal? To enhance your online visibility within local (or non-local) terms and propel your website up the search engine rankings like a rocket!

How does a managed SEO service work in Bangkok?

Wondering how this magic unfolds in the context of Bangkok? First, you can either choose one of our SEO plans tailored for the Bangkok market, or you can have a chat with our SEO experts to discuss your business goals within Bangkok. We'll then craft a customized SEO strategy that aligns with your specific objectives within the Bangkok market. Once the strategy is set, we'll swing into action, implementing it while closely monitoring your website's performance. Don't fret; we'll keep you in the loop with monthly reports and updates, giving you an exclusive backstage pass to the SEO show!

When does a business operating in Bangkok need managed SEO services?

Any business aiming for the spotlight on Google search results in Bangkok can benefit from managed SEO services! Whether you're a small startup or a major player, if you desire to ramp up your search engine visibility within Bangkok, drive more local traffic to your website, and secure those valuable leads and sales, managed SEO services are here to save the day. They're especially handy if you lack in-house SEO experts or if you're short on time and resources to navigate the unique challenges of the Bangkok market.

How much do managed SEO services typically cost in Bangkok?

Now, the burning question: What's the price tag for managed SEO services in Bangkok? Well, it hinges on a few factors, such as the scope of the project, the level of competition within your Bangkok-based industry, and the SEO experts you choose. But Search Studio is an SEO company that offers various packages or customizable plans designed at reasonable price points to suit different budgets. We've got your back!

How do I know which plan from the managed SEO packages in Bangkok my business needs?

Due to various factors, including the status of each Bangkok-based website, the unique characteristics of businesses in the Bangkok industry, competition on Bangkok's search engines, and differing business objectives within the context of Bangkok, the most appropriate budget that will produce quick results can vary from one website to another. We suggest beginning with a budget that aligns with the client's comfort level for experimentation, possibly starting with SmallBiz Basic for smaller Bangkok-based businesses and then adjusting the package price as needed in the future.

Do you guarantee a #1 ranking on Google for businesses in Bangkok?

Hold up, can we guarantee a #1 ranking on Google for businesses in Bangkok? Nope, sorry. Those search engine algorithms can be quite unpredictable, constantly changing the game. So, no one can promise you that coveted #1 spot. However, a top-notch SEO agency like us can employ proven strategies to significantly boost your rankings and drive valuable traffic to your website within the Bangkok market.

How many keywords can you track on my project?

The number of keywords we can track on your project depends on the package you choose. Different SEO agencies offer varying levels of keyword tracking to accommodate your budget and goals. At Search Studio, we've got you covered with our SEO plan starting at 30 tracked keywords. We're all about giving your search intent within the Bangkok market the extended opportunity it deserves!

How long does it take to get to the top of Google search results in Bangkok?

That's a tough one. The timeframe varies depending on factors like the level of competition, the quality of your website, and the SEO strategy in play within the local market. It could take a few months or perhaps even a year or more to secure those coveted top spots. But trust the process; with consistent effort and a data-driven approach tailored for Bangkok businesses, you can achieve your ranking goals and conquer the search engine kingdom. Patience, my friend, it'll be worth the wait!

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