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Pannakan Warawattananon | May 3, 2023

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Offshoring refers to getting work done by an organisation in a different country, and outsourcing refers to contracting an external organisation. Therefore, offshore outsourcing is the collaboration of an organisation with an external organisation in a foreign country to carry out some business functions. It allows access to high-quality services at lower operating costs for the most part.

SEO Outsourcing – Why Should You Do It?

Managing your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a time-consuming activity, but it’s crucial for most businesses to succeed in the competitive digital landscape. The common solution to this is to hire an in-house SEO specialist who knows how to get all the jobs done. Alternatively, you can outsource people to take care of your Search engine ranking and visibility. 

Outsourcing SEO Services actually comes with several advantages. See more below:

• To Save Costs

Engaging offshore SEO services will allow you to access cheaper labour when you outsource, ultimately cutting your costs.

• For Expert Knowledge

As opposed to multi-tasking within your organisation, outsourcing means hiring a firm that focuses specifically in this one field, which means they specialise in the task you are according to them.

• For an External Perspective

Each country has its set ways in which it practices. When you hire an overseas firm who has done their jobs for many corporates from many countries, you can get a global perspective, which sets you at an advantage over your competition.

• For More Time to Focus on Your Expertise

Outsourcing allows you to increase your efficiency and focus your workplace hours on high-value tasks. This means that you’re able to focus on your critical organisational functions, offering better services to your clientele.

• For When You’re Not Ready to Hire an In-house SEO Team

Managing an in-house SEO team is not only costly but also time-engaging. Outsourcing saves you this headache.

The Pros of Offshore SEO Outsourcing

• Access to a Team of Skilled Individuals

Organisations that offer these seo outsourcing services mainly hire skilled individuals who have relevant expertise and are focused on these specific tasks, ensuring quality and value-addition.

• Cheap and Customisable Prices

Pricing in offshore countries is highly likely to be more cost-effective than within your state, meaning you can get lower prices and have them customised to your individual needs.

• More Customisation

Once the outsourced organisation has a clear understanding of what your business and marketing goals are, they can customise your SEO campaign to your individual needs, making you stand out beyond your competition.

• Protection from Employee Turnovers

As you are not running your business with additional in-house staff into a new SEO role, you cushion yourself from employees quitting their jobs and filling in the gap left and the cost and time-consuming venture of recruiting new employees.

• Minimal Oversight

As the outsourced organisation has SEO management as its vital function, it almost guarantees minimal oversight on work output as this is the main focus.

The Cons of Offshore SEO Outsourcing

• Communication Problems

Offshore outsourcing involves a different country where language may be a barrier sometimes.

• Cultural Differences

Cultural differences may be a source of conflict between the two organisations due to different beliefs and methodologies.

• Different Quality Expectations

Quality control means different things for different people, and standards will vary from time to time and place to place, causing conflict.

• Security Leaks

The business ethics held in our country are not necessarily held by other countries, which may cause a challenge when it comes to sharing confidential company information. 

Outsourcing and Offshoring to Thailand

Bangkok is definitely being promoted as a digital innovation hub, supporting neighbouring ASEAN countries. An hours’ flight to the north of Thailand lies Chiang Mai city, which houses digital nomads from all around the world. Governmental sectors and its people are constantly developing the community’s potential to grow its own digital economy.

What Kind of Work Can You Expect from Noria?

Noria is a digital marketing agency in Thailand priding ourselves as a helpful and ethical SEO agency with years of experience specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Advertising and Google Ads. At Noria, we consider all possible challenges in SEO outsourcing and ensure we tackle them accordingly. 

1. Communication Problems

• Noria believes that honest and integrity communication is crucial to building strong, healthy and long-lasting relationships with our clients. We believe we can curb any communication problems that may arise starting with being open and upfront.

• We avail ourselves for online meetings via Skype or other means of communication that you may find suitable. This means we will establish clear communication channels to facilitate faster and avoid confusion.

• Our SEO outsourcing services come with an SEO consultant who’s knowledgeable and able to answer any question, as well as, resolve and update you with real-time progress.

2. Language Barrier

• We understand that language can be a significant barrier in ensuring we meet your needs. Our team has extensive experience in dealing and communicating with clients from English speaking countries and beyond.

• We understand that you’re worried about grammatical errors or any other English usage errors in blogging, link building and outreach. As such, we make sure that all of our blog writers are native English speaking writers.

3. Cultural Differences

For best results, you need to partner with an organisation that is open-minded to avoid unnecessary challenges. 

At Noria, we value cultural diversity, and we believe that respectful and civil communications are important in all interactions with our clients. Being open-minded, we can embrace different cultures and confidently work with others.

4. Different Quality Expectations

Unlike some other offshore SEO services, Noria does not use black hat strategies to run the work. Black hat SEO is a practice that uses techniques like cloaking, keyword stuffing, and using private link networks. These are unethical practices and are against search engine guidelines. Black hat techniques are used to get a site to rank higher in search results in a shorter time. 

On the other hand, Noria uses only the cutting-edge and safest approaches to ensure clients’ quality expectations are consistently met, and satisfying results are seen in the long run.

5. Security Leaks

Security leaks are a significant concern when outsourcing SEO services. However, at Noria, we guarantee that any information shared with us by our clients remains exceptionally confidential, and we are open to signing non-disclosure agreements for your peace of mind.

Final Words

So, is it safe to outsource your SEO work? Yes, if a company’s approach to doing their SEO involves using white-hat techniques that meet the standard, and if they build high-quality links. Stay away from black-hat SEO company that abuse and misuse link building practices.

Should you outsource oversea agency or use Offshore SEO Services? Definitely! If you want expertise, time management, and to save on costs. BUT, ensure you research to ensure you identify a company aligned to your company’s values. Overall, engaging these services is of more value. 

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